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ARPA Funding Application

ARPA Funding Application

Any Business, Non-Profit, Community Group, Neighborhood Association, County Department, or other entity wishing to beconsidered for funding must fully complete and submit this application

Applications will be accepted, starting June 1, 2023

Funding decisions will start to be announced in December, 2023.

Application will be accepted and considered for funding untilfunds are exhausted.

Please submit completed applications to:

Franklin County Board

Attn: Gayla Sink Prather, Office Manager

Franklin County Courthouse

100 Public Square


618-4359847 FAX


Franklin County Government was recently awarded fundingunder the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to promote the continued resurgence of our community. The purpose of ARPA funding is to address a public need that has been created or exaggerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and meets the usage and timing requirements of the ARPA legislation. City and County governments have been given discretion to use the funding in the way they best believe addressees he issues of their specific community.

It is the desire of Franklin County to ensure that this one-time relief is used responsibly and equitably to ensure that the greatestnumber of residents are benefited. In an effort to further this community goal and address the greatest community need, the Franklin County Board is inviting County Departments, Child Care Providers, Non-Profit Organizations, Local Businesses and Other outside organizations to submit proposals for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding consideration.


Franklin County ARPA Application