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911 Administrative Office

907 West Washington Street
Benton, IL 62812
Phone: (618) 439-0911
Fax: (618) 435-4433

The Staff

Mr. Amos Abbott, Franklin County 9-1-1 Director:

Mr. Abbott was hired as the Franklin County 911 Director on February 18th, 2020. Mr. Abbott has served as a 911 tele-communicator, Fire Chief, and EMT. Mr. Abbott’s primary responsibilities include the overall management and administration of the Franklin County E911 system.


Mrs. Cathy Lamont, Deputy Director:

Mrs. Lamont’s primary responsibility is to assist the Director in the operation and administration of the Franklin County 911 system. Deputy Director Lamont serves as financial manager, organizes the monthly 911 board meetings and prepares reports for the annual audit.


Mr. Richard Minton, System Technician:

Richard “Flip” Minton is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all the public safety hardware and software deployed by the FCJETSB. His years of experience and his expertise are vital to the consistent operation of the Franklin County E911 System. Mr. Minton also serves as a Detective Lieutenant of Investigations at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Staff and Duties

The 9-1-1 Administrative Office is located at 907 W. Washington St. in West City. The main telephone number is 618-439-0911. The Staff is made up of two full-time employees and one part-time employee.

Staff Duties

  • Prepare for and host monthly Board Meetings
  • Serve as Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) interface
  • Purchase Public Safety hardware and software
  • Maintain Public Safety hardware and software
  • Maintain fixed asset inventory
  • Vendor contract negotiations
  • Payment of bills
  • Financial audit preparation
  • Street address assignment/verification/corrections
  • Maintain Master Street Address Guide (MSAG)
  • Maintain the Franklin County 9-1-1 Map
  • Maintain the telephone number database
  • Dispatcher Certification Training
  • Policy preparation
  • Bylaw updates
  • Press Relations

Address Number Methodology

If you need a physical address for a new structure, call the 9-1-1 Administrative Office at 618-439-0911. A “physical address” is also known as an “official 9-1-1 address.” When you call the 9-1-1 Administrative Office, make sure you have a physical address for a nearby structure to help us locate your site on the 9-1-1 Map. We do not assign addresses to open land … your structure must at least be staked out so we can identify the approximate location of the center of the structure.

The addressing methodology used in Franklin County was adopted to enable our “first responders” to reach citizens requiring emergency services in the shortest time possible with the least amount of confusion. For public safety reasons, we strive for consistency in our addressing of structures throughout Franklin County. However, there is not complete consistency across the County. For the most part, the cities, towns and villages in the County took responsibility for addressing the structures in their communities and the methodologies used are not the same in many cases.


How You Can Help “First Responders”

Make sure your Address Number is displayed so that it can be seen from the road. If your structure is a significant distance from the road, display your Address Number on your mail box or on a sign post at the end of your driveway

Road Address Determination

Generally, primary structures in the County are addressed to the road they face unless there is no immediately identifiable access to the structure. Consideration is given to the means of “access” to the structure if access is a substantial distance from the road it faces. The optimal situation is when a structure faces the same road from which the driveway to the structure extends. In the event that a structure is a substantial distance from the road it faces and there is no driveway from that road but there is a driveway from another road, the structure will be addressed to the road with the access.


Address Number Determination

  • On East/West Roads, odd numbers are on the north side and even numbers are on the south side
  • On North/South Roads, odd numbers are on the west side and even numbers are on the east side
  • Address numbers increase as you travel north and as you travel east.
  • Address numbers decrease as you travel south and as you travel west.

911 / FCJETSB Policy Documents

Click on the PDF of your choice below to obtain current policy documents for Franklin County JETSB.

Bylaws of the Franklin County JETSB

Click on the link below to download the most current version of the Franklin County Joint Emergency Telephone System Boards Bylaws.