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State’s Attorney

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State’s Attorney Office, Abigail D. Dinn

Franklin County States Attorney’s Office
411 E. Main Street
Benton, Illinois 62812

Phone: (618) 439-4316

Fax: (618) 439-2349

State’s Attorney Victim Services

The Franklin County State’s Attorney Victim Services program began in December 2000. The focus of this program is directed toward the unique needs of each victim of a violent crime in Franklin County.

The program responds to the victims of crime regarding the emotional, physical and financial aftermath of victimization, by providing victims with information and social service referrals. Attempting to make sense out of the criminal process may seem impossible to comprehend and being a victim of crime can be emotionally overwhelming. The main purpose of this program is to help alleviate the trauma to victims and witnesses by addressing their concerns and thus decreasing anxiety affiliated with the criminal justice system. Positive steps are taken to protect the rights and dignity of the victim. Some of the areas in which the advocacy program can impact victims are: empowering victims of crime through educating them on the process; being available to explain court procedures, terminology, and court dates; answering questions during court appearances, preparing for trial and sentencing hearings; assisting with preparation of victim impact statements; answering questions regarding restitution; helping crime victims with crime victim compensation applications, and making appropriate referrals for counseling and other supporting agencies. Victims are encouraged to take advantage of these services.

What checks are eligible?

Eligible Cases

  • NSF checks and Account Closed checks used for goods and services
  • All transactions must have taken place in Franklin County
  • Restitution will be sought on all above classes

Ineligible Cases

  • Post Dated Checks
  • Payroll Checks
  • Two-Party Checks
  • Stop Payment Checks
  • Checks held over 90 Days
  • Forged or stolen checks (These cases should be reported to your local law enforcement agency)

Things you can do to fight check fraud

  • When an employee accepts a check make sure the employee copies down the driver’s license or ID number, correct address, and phone number of the check writer.

How to file a complaint with the bad check program

  • Use the complaint from provided by the Franklin County State’s Attorney’s Office. (You can make your own copies of this form.)
  • Complete all portions of the form, legibly and accurately include driver’s license number and all other identification data. If identification on check writer was NOT obtained, the complaint may not be considered for prosecution.
  • Attach the returned check(s) and any other pertinent information to the complaint form, The check writer must be notified in regards to the returned check.
  • NSF checks must be submitted to and stamped by the bank twice, at least seven day s apart, before filing a complaint.
  • Cease all collection efforts after you file the criminal complaint. Restitution should not e made to you after filing this form. Restitution must be made to the State’s Attorney’s Office, with a money order made payable to the complaining business.
  • Send all completed complaint form(s) and check(s) and any other related correspondence to:

Franklin County State’s Attorney Bad Check Program
411 East Main Street
Benton, IL 62812
(618) 439-4316

Please Note: Forms may Not be faxed or e-mailed to our office. To file the complaint, download and fill out the form below and submit along with the actual check(s).

Bad Check Complaint Form