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Chemical Transportation Study to Begin in Franklin, Jefferson and Washington Counties

Chemical Transportation Study to Begin in Franklin, Jefferson and Washington Counties

Chemical Transportation Study to Begin


January 31st, 2023 — Franklin, Jefferson and Washington Counties are working together to identify the types and quantities of chemicals transported on highways and railroads through their jurisdictions.  This study, called a Commodity Flow Study, focuses solely on chemicals.  A federal grant is funding the entire cost of this study, and the grant is administered by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

Most of the chemicals transported through these counties are generated elsewhere and pass through on either truck or rail.  Chemicals generated in more than 26 states, Canada and Mexico have been documented passing through Illinois.

According to the Franklin, Jefferson & Washington County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Chairpersons, “If we know the types and relative quantities of chemicals transported through our counties, we can be better prepared to protect residents and critical infrastructure, such as schools, health care facilities and drinking water supplies, when an accident occurs”.

“We know about most of the chemicals generated and used inside our county because of reports submitted to us by those organizations located within the county boundaries.  However, we do not have information about which chemicals are being transported through our county.  Since most of the chemicals transported through our county come from outside the area, this study will fill this gap” they added.

Commodity Flow Studies conducted in other counties have provided several benefits.  Information from these studies have been used to leverage additional grants, make recommendations to protect drinking water supplies, nursing homes, hospitals and schools, and improve protections for first responders when hazardous material releases occur.  This study will take approximately two years to complete.

“Our counties cooperate on other emergency management activities.  Working together on this study will allow us to share information about chemicals in this region which is not otherwise available,” explained the LEPC committee chairs.



Ryan M. Buckingham
Director, Franklin County Emergency Management Agency
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Steve Lueker
Coordinator, Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency
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Matt Bierman
Director, Washington County Emergency Management Agency
(618) 327-4800 Ext. 340