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EM – Community Organizations Active in Disasters Registration

A Community Organization Active in Disaster (COAD) is an organization, based within a community or geographic area, which is composed of representatives from public, private and not-for-profit agencies. A COAD will enhance the community’s ability to mitigate, prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters, thus ensuring that human needs inherent in a disaster situation are evaluated and addressed.

Please select the category that you feel best describes the mission of your organization. Check all that apply.
Please select the primary County in which your organization is located.
Public phone number that can be published for contacting your organization.
24/7/365 number COAD leadership can reach you.
What days would be best for your organization to attend a meeting of the COAD?
What platform would be best for your organization to attend a meeting of the COAD?
Please list any services or resources your organization would be able to provide to the public in a disaster.
Please list any comments or general information concerning your organization.

For questions, comments or concerns please contact:

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Cooperative Extension Service
Unit 26 – Serving Franklin, Jackson, Perry, Randolph, and Williamson counties 
1212 Ag St. | M/C 4095
Benton, IL 62812
B: 618.439.3178  C: 618.513.1395 | [email protected]