Situation Center (Joint Information System)

Franklin County Government's Joint Information System includes the processes, procedures and systems for communicating timely, accurate and accessible information on an emergency or disaster incident with respect to the cause, size and current situation. It also includes communicating matters of general interest to the public, responders and additional stakeholders. Various forms of communication will be utilized to reach those populations whose members may have additional needs in functional areas. This may include but is not limited to individuals in need of: maintaining independence, communication, transportation, supervision and medical care. Individuals in need of additional response assistance may include those who have disabilities; who live in institutionalized settings; who are elderly; who are children, who are from diverse cultures; who have limited English proficiency or are non-English speaking; or who are transportation disadvantaged.

Severe Cold / Winter Weather

Latest Weather Information for Franklin County - Click Here

Municipal Warming Centers

Sesser City Hall (East Side Door Entrance)
302 E. Franklin Ave.
Sesser, Illinois 62884
Hours: 24 Hours
Contact: Mayor Jason Ashmore - 618-218-1036
West City Community Center / Police Department 
201 South Browning Street 
West City,Illinois 62812
Hours: 24 Hours   
Contact: Fire Chief Amos Abbott - 618-218-4604
West Frankfort Public Safety Complex
201 E. Nolen Street
West Frankfort, Illinois 62896
Hours: 24 Hours
Contact: West Frankfort Dispatch - 618-937-3502
Zeigler City Hall
301 Church Street
Zeigler, Illinois 62999
Hours: Available 24 via request
Contact: Dennis Mitchell - 618-923-0500

Preparedness Guide

Click HERE to download your free winter weather preparedness guide!


  • Keep your pets inside. Outside animals must have proper shelter and protection from the elements including food and water.

  • Use warming devices such as space heaters safely. Be cautious of radiated heat. A fire can start quickly.

  • Travel only when needed on snow and ice covered roads.

  • Keep a slow trickle of water flowing from your pipes to prevent freezing.

  • Monitor the latest weather conditions and prepare for extreme cold.

  • Check on vulnerable members of the public such as small children, the elderly, and persons with functional needs. Create a buddy system to check on your neighbors.


Franklin County Government - Emergency Operations

  • Routine operations at this time.