Situation Center (Joint Information System)

Franklin County Government's Joint Information System includes the processes, procedures and systems for communicating timely, accurate and accessible information on an emergency or disaster incident with respect to the cause, size and current situation. It also includes communicating matters of general interest to the public, responders and additional stakeholders. Various forms of communication will be utilized to reach those populations whose members may have additional needs in functional areas. This may include but is not limited to individuals in need of: maintaining independence, communication, transportation, supervision and medical care. Individuals in need of additional response assistance may include those who have disabilities; who live in institutionalized settings; who are elderly; who are children, who are from diverse cultures; who have limited English proficiency or are non-English speaking; or who are transportation disadvantaged.


Franklin County Officials Monitoring Ebola Situation

Franklin County Officials are currently monitoring any potential issues that may arise from an outbreak of Ebola in the United States. Officials want to remind residents that currently there are only a few isolated cases of the Ebola disease in the United States, none of which are in Illinois or our surrounding states at this time. Officials are encouraging residents to continue to engage in proper hygiene and disease prevention practices and educate themselves about the Ebola virus by visiting any of the links listed below. If you are unable to locate answers to your questions through the links below, you can contact the Illinois Department of Public Health Ebola Hotline at 1-800-889-3931.

Links for Ebola Prevention, Mitigation, & Preparedness

Ebola Information Center - Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Ebola Information Center - Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)