Sheriff’s Awards for Excellence

Sheriff Donald R. Jones has commended the following staff members with the Sheriff’s Award for Excellence:
Deputy Rex Roberts is being recognized with the Sheriff's Award for Excellence for 2017. During the year, Deputy Roberts demonstrated a professional level of competency in several aspects of law enforcement.  Whether investigating a traffic crash, conducting a criminal investigation, investigating the whereabouts of a wanted person, or searching for a missing person, Deputy Roberts demonstrates the willingness to go the extra mile.  The thoroughness  and work ethic of Deputy Roberts is appreciated and serves as a positive role model for his peers. The professionalism and dedication to duty of Deputy Roberts is being recognized and commended.
Correctional Officer Patricia (Pat) Jackson is being recognized as an outstanding member of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.  Officer Jackson has demonstrated outstanding interpersonal communication skills in a difficult  environment that are essential skills for a Correctional Officer. Officer Jackson is also a team player with a dedication to duty that is appreciated by her co-workers. Officer Jackson exhibits a compassionate firmness that demands respect in a correctional  environment. Officer Jackson's work ethic and professionalism is being recognized and commended as the outstanding Correctional Officer for 2017.
During the past year, this agency was involved in the investigation of several extremely serious and high profile criminal investigations.  These cases involved child abuse, sexual assaults, bomb threats against school and public buildings and other crimes of violence.  Many of these cases have been successfully solved and are being prosecuted because of the skill and ability of Detective Minton. Detective Minton has continually demonstrated an expertise and professionalism that coupled with his tenacity, leads to the successful outcome of many of these investigations. The skill and professionalism of Lead Investigator Minton is appreciated and is being recognized and commended.
On Friday, July 28th, 2017 at 7:46 pm a 911 call was received by Franklin County Dispatch reporting an emergency drowning event near the North Marcum Beach area of Rend Lake. This even demanded emergency response from Law Enforcement, the Corps of Engineers, Department of Natural Resources, Rend Lake Dive Team and local fire and first responders. This was a stressful incident for Telecommunications as it demanded the skills necessary for dealing with the responders, but also the intercommunication skills for communicating with a panicked reporting party and terror struck family to gather necessary information to appropriately respond to this crisis. During this event, both Telecommunicators demonstrated a professional level of competence that helped make a tragic event a little  more bearable for the family and enabled the responders to accomplish a mission. The professionalism and dedication to duty of Tracy and Katelyn are being recognized and commended.