Office of the Director

The Office of the Director serves as the central point of coordination for all agency Bureaus, activities, and programs. The Office of the Director provides administration services and oversight over the agency's three Bureaus as well as all public programs, grants, planning and special projects. During times of emergency, the Office of the Director coordinates all agency resources and ensures coordination between all County Government departments, agencies, and offices through the Franklin County Emergency Operations Center. Additional responsibilities include Franklin County's Hazard Mitigation Program, Emergency Planning, Local Emergency Planning Committee activities, outreach and coordination with local units of government and the management of Franklin County's efforts to provide emergency medical services.

Crisis Management / Emergency Coordination

Providing leadership in times of crisis is the most critical role of the Office of the Director. Illinois statute and County Ordinance task the Emergency Management Agency as the lead coordination agency for any and all large scale incidents and disasters that happen within the jurisdiction. The Office of the Director ensures the Franklin County Emergency Operations Center is coordinating with local incident and unified command posts to ensure effective emergency operations in times of crisis. 

Crisis Planning

The Office of the Director manages Franklin County's efforts to plan before an emergency happens. Currently, the Office of the Director oversees the development and maintenance of the following plans:

  • Franklin County Emergency Operations Plan
  • Franklin County Hazard Mitigation Plan
  • Franklin County Tactical Incident Communications Plan
  • Franklin County Emergency Alert System Plan
  • Franklin County Facility Emergency Actions Plans

Municipal Emergency Management

Franklin County has sixteen municipalities. Franklin County Emergency Management Agency provides emergency management services for all sixteen as none of the cities or villages currently have their own stand alone emergency management program. Program coordination is handled directly with the Mayor or Village President and emergency services are coordinated with municipal public safety Chiefs during times of emergency. 


Agency Leadership

Director - Ryan M. Buckingham

Deputy Director - Gary A. Little

Chief of Staff - Amos Abbott

Bureau Chief of Operations - Matthew Warren

Bureau Chief of Preparedness - Daniel Hyson