Bureau of Preparedness

Bureau Chief Amos Abbott

The Bureau of Emergency Preparedness is a division of the agency tasked with core missions regarding emergency preapredness, prevention and mitigation. The Bureau Chief of Emergency Preparedness leads the Bureau with the assistance of several Emergency Preparedness Specialists. The Bureau of Emergency Preparedness provides programs designed to enhance preparedness, prevention and mitigation within the County of Franklin by executing the following core functions:

Public Engagement / Presentations

The staff within the Bureau of Emergency Preparedness are often the "face of the agency" due to our never ending mission to help our citizens prepare, prevent, and mitigate emergencies. The Bureau offers public presentations, training, and appearances throughout Franklin County for various community groups, non-governmental organizations, governmental organizations, and the general public.

Ready Rex Program

The Ready Rex Program was developed by the Bureau of Emergency Preparedness after a challenge was issued to staff members by Director Ryan M. Buckingham. The challenge was simple; create a program to engage children about emergency preparedness, prevention and mitigation. Along came, Ready Rex. Ready Rex not only interests local children, but adults, teens, and basically everyone he has met. Everyone seems to love to hang out and snap a picture with Rex while doing his signature move the "two thumbs up" for preparedness. Ready Rex is one of the last surviving Dinosaurs in Franklin County. We THINK he may be the last one.... but you never know. Some people think Rex is a T-Rex, but actually he is a Preparasaurus. When we discovered Ready Rex in a remote location down in the bottoms of Franklin County we asked him "How did you survive"? His answer was simple: "I had my emergency plan, my preparedness kit, and KNEW what to do in an emergency". To request a visit from Ready Rex e-mail us at information@franklincountyema.com

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training Program

For more on the CERT Program visit our Preparedness Programs Section