Bureau of Operations

Bureau Chief Lukas Saeger

The Bureau of Operations stands ready to respond to all large scale emergencies and disasters within Franklin County and the State of Illinois. The Bureau of Operations provides response and public services related to the following core functions:

Incident Management

The staff within the Bureau of Operations are highly trained in the use of the Incident Command System including position-specific responsibilities and overall incident coordination. Personnel from the Bureau can assist local incidents commanders and local responders in any areas of incident management if requested. 

Special Operations Search and Rescue Team

When someone is reported lost or overdue, members of the agency's search and rescue response team are available to respond  to help in the search effort. The agency maintains K-9 units available for deployment upon request. Three canine units specialize in air scent SAR, and one (1) K-9 specializes in human remains detection and recovery. A unit is comprised of one handler, one assistant, and canine.

Special Operations Dive Team

Mass Casualty Incident Response Unit 

The Bureau of Operations maintains Franklin County's Mass Casualty Incident Response Unit. The MCIRU carries medical supplies and can support the triage and treatment of up to 100 victims.

Severe Weather Monitoring, Observation, and Warning

Members of the agency, coordinate missions through the Bureau of Operations to monitor, observe, report, and provide warning for severe weather events that occur in Franklin County. Coordination during these events can branch from Operations units deployed in the field to the National Weather Service, surrounding Counties, municipalities, and local media.

Damage Assessment

Franklin County Emergency Management Agency is charged with the assessment of damages after any major emergency or disaster. Field units from the Bureau of Operations are dispatched to affected areas to observe, detect, capture and report damage assessment data back to the Franklin County Emergency Operations Center.  At the conclusion of all damage assessment activities, the Bureau of Operations prepares a consolidated report for State of Illinois, American Red Cross and the National Weather Service.

Supplemental Lighting and Power

The Bureau of Operations maintains a number of large generators and portable lighting units that can be utilized to power and light critical infrastructure and incident scenes.