Precinct Committeemen

Precinct Committeemen are provided by Illinois Election Code and are elected every two years by members of their political party in the General Primary Election. Democratic and Republican Party committeemen may be elected in each of the County’s 35 voting precincts.

Collectively, all the committeemen in each political party make up the party’s Central Committee. By law, all committeemen must elect a chairman a few days after the Primary even-numbered years. The chairman sets direction for the party and may fill vacancies among precinct committeemen.

Precinct Committeemen are given statutory authority to appoint the Judges of Election for their political party in their precinct. If you wish to become a Judge of Election, contact the Precinct Committeeman for your political party in your precinct,  your political party Chairman or the County Clerk’s Election Office. (439-3403)

Precinct Committeemen, working with their party’s Central Committee, are the grass-roots base for the political party’s activities. They help their party’s candidates, organize fund-raisers, and may help introducing candidates to voters in their precinct. Precinct committeemen are usually a good source of information about their party’s candidates.

Precinct committeemen may also serve as Deputy Registrars, meaning they can register voters anywhere in the County. Precinct Committeemen receive no salary.

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