Coroner Leffler Confirms Water Fatality at Rend Lake

Franklin County Coroner Marty Leffler Is confirming the report of the body of a male subject retrieved from Rend Lake that went missing while on a fishing trip on Wednesday near the Gun Creek area of Route 37 North of Whittington.

The 83-year-old male is Robert Drennan, of the Ina area.

Preliminary autopsy results along with investigation results reveal that Mr. Drennan lost his footing on the rip-rap fell, hitting his head and causing him to fall into the water and eventually drowning.

The body was retrieved from 8 foot of water approximately 15 feet from the shoreline where the accident took place.

Arrangements for Mr. Drennan are pending at this time with the Johnston Funeral Home in Ina.

Coroner Leffler asks that you please remember this family in your prayers.