Animal Control - Schedule of Fees

Adoption Fee - $50.00
This fee is collected when an animal is declared adoptable by Animal Control personnel and is selected for adoption by a new owner.
Bite Quarantine/ Release Fee - $90.00
When an animal is impounded due to a bite situation the animal will be quarantined for 10 days. After the 10 day period, if an animal is declared rabies free by a vet the animal will be eligible for owner pick up.
Owner Pick-Up Fee - $25.00 (plus additional $5/day Kenneling Fee)
This fee is implemented when an animal is found by the owners and picked up. The initial fee is $25 with an additional $5 each day impounded.
Rabies Tags Fee - $8.00
Franklin County charges a fee per each rabies tag. This fee is collected from Vet Clinics that carry FCAC tags as well as in the FCAC office for walk in customers.
* Note: Animal Control personnel will issue a payment receipt for all collected fees.