Franklin County Emergency Management Agency

Office of the Director 
401 E. Park Street
Benton, Illinois 62812
Headquarters: (618) 439-4362


Agency Overview, Mission, Responsibilities & Critical Functions

The mission of the Franklin County Emergency Management Agency shall be to provide for the coordination of all emergency management programs within its jurisdiction. Additionally the agency shall provide for the coordination with private organizations, other political subdivisions, and the State and Federal government in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois Emergency Management Act (20 ILCS 3305).

The purpose of Franklin County Emergency Management Agency shall be the coordination of emergency services functions, which may be necessary for or proper to prevent, minimize, repair and alleviate injury, and damage resulting from any natural or human caused hazards.

Franklin County Emergency Management Agency shall perform such emergency management functions within Franklin County as prescribed in the Franklin County Emergency Management Ordinance and the IEMA act, and in addition, shall conduct such emergency management related functions outside of the jurisdictional limits as may be required under mutual aid agreements and compacts as are entered into.

The specific functions that Franklin County Emergency Management Agency shall perform include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Developing emergency plans and standard operating procedures which outline emergency management responsibilities of county government, as well as activities which ensure coordination among and between local, county, state, and federal governments. This includes various County emergency action plans for facility use and COOP/COG plans.Developing and conducting emergency management training and education programs for county and municipal employees as well as the general public.

  • Coordinating with private relief agencies in the development of capabilities to ensure the provision of relief supplies and assistance to disaster victims as well as emergency management responders and their families.

  • Developing, conducting, and evaluating emergency management exercises, designed to test the ability of local and county governments to respond to emergencies, public health emergencies and disasters.

  • Receiving and analyzing information regarding potential hazards, regardless of their nature, and disseminating appropriate warning information to county officials and municipalities with the county, and as appropriate, the general public.

  • Supporting the National Incident Management System (NIMS), in preparation for, and throughout the response and recovery phases of an emergency, disaster, public health emergency or significant event, through the activation of

  • Franklin County’s Emergency Operations Center, Emergency Operations Plan, and deployment of appropriate resources.

  • Develop and issue media releases in preparation for, or during periods of impending or actual disaster or other emergency or public health emergency situation.

  • Enhancing the capability of county and local government to respond to emergency, public health emergency or disaster situations by stockpiling and the delivery of critical supplies and/or resources.

  • Establishing and maintaining a communications system, within Franklin County's Emergency Operations Center, Mobile Operations Center, capable of communicating with key county departments, as well as appropriate state and federal agencies. Utilizing these systems and others as appropriate, to manage communications resources during an emergency, public health emergency or disaster.

  • Assisting any county department, as requested, with services within the scope of the emergency management program.

  • Manage Franklin County’s Citizens Corps program and assist in the coordination of Franklin County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

  • Oversee and manage Franklin County’s interests as it relates to Emergency Medical Services (EMS).