Franklin County 911 Administrative Office

Staff and Duties

The 9-1-1 Administrative Office is located at 907 W. Washington St. in West City.  The main telephone number is 618-439-0911.  The staff is made up of three full-time employees and one part-time employee:
The Staff
Mike Carpenter, Franklin County 9-1-1 Director:
Mike was hired as the 9-1-1 Director by the Franklin County Joint Emergency Telephone System Board on February 16, 2016.  He replaced Rick Basso who held the position since April 9, 2007.  Mike lives in Sesser and has been a life long Franklin County resident.  Mike has over 30 years of public safety experience.  He has been a firefighter, emergency medical technician, dispatcher and the Manager of the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.  Mike also obtained his Emergency Number Professional (ENP) certification in 2002. 
Cathy Lamont, Financial Manager:
Cathy’s primary responsibility is to make sure all the bills are correct and paid on time.  She also organizes the monthly Board Meetings and makes sure all financial information is ready for the annual financial audit.  She also serves as the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) coordinator. 
Keasha Trogolo, Administrative Assistant:
As the Administrative Assistant to the Director, Keasha is involved with many different functions.  She responds to various telephone inquiries from County Departments, Agencies and the public who need information about addressing, mapping and emergency resources.  She also keeps the PSAP telephone database up-to-date.
Richard Minton, System Technician (part-time):
Richard “Flip” Minton is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all the public safety hardware and software deployed by the FCJETSB.  His years of experience and his expertise are vital to the consistent operation of the Franklin County E9-1-1 System.  Flip also serves as a Franklin County Deputy Sheriff.
Staff Duties
  • Prepare for and host monthly Board Meetings

  • Serve as Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) interface

  • Purchase Public Safety hardware and software

  • Maintain Public Safety hardware and software

  • Maintain fixed asset inventory

  • Vendor contract negotiations

  • Payment of bills

  • Financial audit preparation

  • Street address assignment/verification/corrections

  • Maintain Master Street Address Guide (MSAG)

  • Maintain the Franklin County 9-1-1 Map

  • Maintain the telephone number database

  • Dispatcher Certification Training

  • Policy preparation

  • Bylaw updates

  • Press Relations